Early signs of Spring

As winter begins to fade signs of sping can be found in the garden and countryside.  The catikins of the Hazel come in February and as the trees are leafless they are easy to spot. These pendulous catkins are the male part of the flowers, the female flowers are the red tufts that grow out…


Heavenly Hellebores

February is a time of anticipation for spring and summer colour in the garden. There are, however plants that can liven up your garden with colour even in this grey month. Hellebores come in an array of colours to brighten up your borders with either simple single flowers or dramatic double flowers.


Light Levels for plants

It is frosty and white outside, but inside our green houses at Cramden Nursery we and our plants are toasty and warm. Enjoying bright sunshine and great light levels for our plants to keep growing.We have had highs of 37.7kl of light today, anything above 20kl is great growing weather inside our green houses.