Fantastic Heucheras

‘Creole Night’ Heuchera with its deep rich dark leaves looks fantastic against the fresh green of ‘Lime Marmalade’ Heuchera.  One of the great attributes of Heucheras is that they keep their beautiful foliage all year round.  Even in the grey days of Januray they can provide your pots with amazing colour and texture.

A new Pelargonium for 2013

A new Pelargonium for 2013, is Ivy Leaf Pelargonium “Happy Face Magenta”.  With it’s pretty, magenta pink flowers.  The flowers have large single petals and are very eye catching, with its long trailing habit it will look fantastic in hanging baskets or troughs. This new variety is part of the “Happy Face” Ivy leaf collection…


Garvinea young plants

Garvinea young plants are produced through micro propagation in a lab just like Gerberas.  From small beginnings they grow into beautiful robust plants.  Here at Cramden Nursery we buy them in as rooted cuttings.  They are rooted in to a 4cm plug which is what we receive from Florist in The Netherlands. We pot them…


Species Pelargoniums are addictive

Species Pelargoniums are addictive! Honestly it is true you start with just one pretty one and before you know it you have a collection of different and unusual Specie Pelargoniums. This is Pelargonium echinatum, beautiful large white single flowers with a red marking on each petal. It has unusual spikes on it’s stems instead of…


What is a Heuchera?

What is a Heuchera? (pronounced HUE-kerr-uh) Heuchera is a genus of about 55 species of evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials from woodland and rocky sites in North America, particularly the Rocky Mountains, and a few species from Mexico.Very attractive to bees, hardy and easy to grow. There should be room for a Heuchera in your garden…


Looking Forward to Garvineas

Garvineas are more than just Gerberas. They are a coulourful range of garden plants. They will flower from early spring until the first frosts for you, providing your garden with generous beautiful summer colour through 3 seasons. The colour ranges from bright reds & pinks to soft  pinks and to vibrant yellows and oranges.  A must have…


Enjoying the beautiful Autumn colours here at Cramden Nursery. Heucherella Sweet Tea can give your garden those beautiful Autumn colours all year round. I just love these colours and the shape of the leaves, a firm favourite on the nursery.


A Frosty Morning.

We awoke to a frosty morning this morning here at Cramden Nursery. Our daily walk around the nursery was filled with frosty beauty, here is Geranium Stephanie iced beautifully by Jack Frost last night. I love the way it shows off the texture of the leaf.