Our Nursery

In 1964 dad moved up to Northampton from London and started up “Cramden Nursery”.  The sitehas been used as a nursery since the First World War.  The owners before dad had been selling cutflowers and plants for cemetery use next door. Initially “Cramden Nurser” was set up as a wholesale nursery growing andselling a variety of young plants to trade customers.  The first Pelargoniums dad grew were “Paul Crampell” and “King of Denmark”.  It was from these two plants that mum and dadformed the nursery name and “Cramden Nursery” was born.  With the success of his first year of sellingyoung plant Pelargoniums dad soon realised that there was a niche in the marketand decided to specialise.  We grow awide range of colours and varieties of Pelargoniums, from scented leaf, ivyleaf trailers, Angels, Zonal Pelargonium and a good election of unusual Pelargoniums.

In 2000 due to my mother’s ill health I joined the business.  It was from that point that I inherited the family drive and desire to grow fantastic quality plants. The nursery began to move in a new direction, and finds us today as a “retail” nursery.  We‘re proud to promote our home grown healthy plants with a service that is friendly and informative.  We grow over 60,000 plants a year selling them from our nursery here in Northampton and our online shop.  Along side our Pelargoniums at Cramden Nursery we have chosen to grow a selected range of plants. We are proud to offer a good choice of varieties within these ever increasing lines.  Our aim is to provide our customers with a wide choice that they will be hard pushed to find elsewhere and a quality that is second to none.

Emily Mitchell