Light Levels for plants

It is frosty and white outside, but inside our green houses at Cramden Nursery we and our plants are toasty and warm. Enjoying bright sunshine and great light levels for our plants to keep growing.We have had highs of 37.7kl of light today, anything above 20kl is great growing weather inside our green houses.

Fantastic Heucheras

‘Creole Night’ Heuchera with its deep rich dark leaves looks fantastic against the fresh green of ‘Lime Marmalade’ Heuchera.  One of the great attributes of Heucheras is that they keep their beautiful foliage all year round.  Even in the grey days of Januray they can provide your pots with amazing colour and texture.

A new Pelargonium for 2013

A new Pelargonium for 2013, is Ivy Leaf Pelargonium “Happy Face Magenta”.  With it’s pretty, magenta pink flowers.  The flowers have large single petals and are very eye catching, with its long trailing habit it will look fantastic in hanging baskets or troughs. This new variety is part of the “Happy Face” Ivy leaf collection…