Ceanothus are also known as ‘Californian lilac’, there are both evergreen and deciduous varities avaliable of this small-medium sized shrub. Predominatly they have beauiful blue flowers but there are white varities available too such as ‘Millerton Point’ . The Bees adore these blue flowers and the early summer flowring varities can be very important source of nectare to them. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Avoid frost pockets and exposed situations. To provide shelter from strong, cold winds, Ceanothus are often best planted against a south-facing wall.

Millerton Point” A medium sized evergreen shrub. White flowers during early summer, best planted in full sun, makes an ideal wall shrub, height after 10 years 2meter & spread 1 meter.

Ceanothus “Sylark” A small to medium evergreen shrub.  Wonderful glossy dark green leaves. Bright blue flowers in early Summer.  Height after 10 years 1.5 meters and spread 1 meter.

Ceanothus “concha” Evergreen medium sized shrub, this is an outstanding modern variety.  Masses of deep, blue flowers in early summer.  Makes an ideal wall shrub.  Height after 10 years 2.5meter and spread 1 meter.





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