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Mrs Pollock Variegated Pelargonium

Mrs Pollock Variegated Pelargonium


A Variegated Pelargonium.

Single red flowers with tricolour green, brown/red & yellow leaves.

A brilliantly bright variegted leaf Pelargonium. 

It looks great planted up in pots and will brighten any corner of the garden or patio. 

A vigorous growing plant that makes up into a tall plant quickly. 

Can be grown easily into a standard plant. Or pinch it out reguarly and it will produce a bushy rounded large plant for you.

Our plug plants are rooted into jiffy 7’s and are sent out as happy, healthy, rooted cuttings. They are packed into purpose designed, pre-formed plastic packaging, where each plug has its own section to securely travel in. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail with an estimated dispatch date.


This item is only available in the nursery