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Press & Media

In 2013 we were very fortunate to be involved with ITV’s show called

“Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover”.


Filmed in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire on a scorcher of a day. We were contacted by the production team & asked if we could supply atouch of stunning architectural foliage. We had a chance to impress and rise to the challenge, so that’s exactly what we did! It was defiantly fitting weatherfor the plants that we had in mind for this job.

Agapanthus were the obvious choice. Fantastic blooms held majestically above the straplike foliage. You can see why both the crew and cameras loved them. These plants originate from South Africa, are common place in Australia and very much at home in a frost free conservatory here in England. That’s what the designer Julia Kendall had in mind. This specimen gave the sun-drenched conservatory the final touch it needed. After the “reveal”, the family thanked us for helping outand were amazed to learn about the fantastic plants that you can grow here in Northamptonshire let alone England. It was a great day out from the nursery not to mention the wonderful feeling given by seeing our plants really brighten up a home.